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Helium Blimp

We offer many different sizes of helium advertising blimps. Advertising blimps are a cost-effective means to convey your message.Blimps can be custom made by having one or more colors on the body and different colors on the fins.

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Larger advertising blimps can also have hanging vertical banners attached to them. The hanging vertical banners can have your company's name, logo, or marketing slogan on both sides.

Helium blimp is a cost effective way to increase public awareness to your business location or public events

Flying up to 60 meters high in the air, helium blimps make a stable, advertising platform for your company name or logo to be seen from miles away. Let prospective customers know who you are and where you are with Blimp

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Helium Spheres and Hot Air Balloon Shape

Our balloons are made of the best material available for helium advertising balloons. The material is light but strong, and it has UV inhibitor to protect the final products from fading. Additionally, the coloring is within the material itself and not coating. 18 millimeter thick, the material is specially designed to hold helium perfectly. All inflatable are made of high frequency.

Fly your message high in the sky to grab customers' attention. These helium spheres are colorful, easy to operate and your message will be seen from miles away. Requiring just a small investment, these advertising spheres are perhaps the most economical advertising venue available right now.

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Artwork and lettering on your helium sphere or hot air balloon shape will not only grab someone's attention but also bring your message across more easily to a wide audience.

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Cold Air Inflatable

We produce cold air filled advertising inflatable such as roof-top, arch, and special shapes for outdoor promotions. For a ooftop, storefront, or parking lot attraction, these giant product replicas or giant advertising balloons will generate an instant in crease in store traffic. Seeing the balloons, people will see and remember the your company's name and logo.

Longevity, low operating costs, and ease of handling make these traffic stoppers a viable alternative to existing outdoor mediums. The balloons are inflated by a continuously running fan blower motor that is available in 110 or 220 volts. They are manufactured out of urethane coated nylon fabrics 420 D. for lightness.

Your company logo, colors, or artwork can be easily reproduced on your balloon, or a removable, promotional banner can be attached, turning your balloon into an inflatable billboard which can be seen from miles away.

  • Always A Crowd Stopper
  • High Impact
  • Colorful
  • Use On Ground or Roof-Top

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We specialize in producing cold air filled inflatable that are custom-made to your corporate requirements. Show us your plans for your advertising balloons, we will respond with a detailed quote. Whether you are ordering one balloon or several hundred, we will give you all of our attention to provide you the most satisfactory quality in the industry.